Sal hits the Docker Index

Pepijn Bruienne has just released his Dockerfile to set up a Docker Container for Sal, the open source version of the Client Dashboard.

What is Docker?

Docker is an open-source project to easily create lightweight, portable, self-sufficient containers from any application.

Essentially, it’s the modern way to distribute applications that run on Linux - rather than shipping a whole virtual machine like you would in the old days, you get only the parts that make that application unique.

Big thanks to Pepijn for making it even easier to get up and running with Sal. Client Dashboard have made no secret about what our Mac management solution of choice is. We’ve worked hard over the last few years to develop a best in class solution for our clients, but one thing was still missing - visibility.

We were collecting all kinds of information on the Macs we manage - how much memory they have, how long they’ve been turned on, what software is installed, but this information was only visible to the pebble engineers. We wanted a way to expose this to our clients to give them the information to help them make smarter IT choices. We looked far and wide for a solution, but we didn’t find anything that we could use - so we made our own. Client Dashboard

The Client Dashboard gives our clients a complete overview of their Mac estate. It’s clear enough for non-IT staff to read, but can be drilled down into to give all of the information an in-house IT dept needs to effectively manage their Macs.

The Dashboard is an integral part of our Managed Mac solution, giving a face to the work our other tools do invisibly in the background.

Cyber Monday

Mac Admin eBook recommendations

It’s the Monday after Thanksgiving in the US, so it must be Cyber Monday; the busiest online shopping day of the year.

Many online retailers are offering large discounts or other promotions. With plenty of other blogs covering gift ideas for your techie friends and loved ones, here we’ll be making some on-sale[1] book recommendations that IT bods[2] will enjoy.

Although both Amazon and the iBooks Store are having sales, we’re going to be linking direct to the publisher’s store. All the books listed can be downloaded in one or more of the ePub, Mobi or PDF formats; allowing greater flexibility to read on almost any device — iPad, Kindle, OS X or future gizmos.


Cyber Monday special offer, save 50% on all ebooks and videos with discount code CYBER3.

  • Learning Unix for OS X — Mac folks love the GUI, but don’t be afraid to get under-the-hood!
  • Learning Python — the fisticuffs have ceased and the Mac Admin community has pretty much settled on Python as its scripting language of choice.
  • Version Control with Git — now you’re scripting, get that code under version control! Then go on to win praise and adoration by sharing through GitHub.
  • Vagrant: Up and Running — nothing beats virtual machines for developing and testing your admin skills. Create and destroy your VM minions with a ruthless efficiency!


Cyber Monday sale, every ebook just $15.

  • Pro Puppet — we rely on Puppet a lot at to manage a great many of servers and Macs. This is a pre-release version of the 2nd Edition (which should be released any day now). See our other posts on Puppet on this site or on our Lead Engineer’s blog.


Black Friday sale, 45% off one, or 60% off two or more ebooks or videos, with discount code BFDIG2013.

Peachpit publish the Apple Training Series books for certifications such as ACSP and ACTC. These Mavericks titles are not yet released, but purchase them now while they’re discounted and you’ll be able to download from the date of publication.

Happy reading!

  1. Today only!  ↩

  2. With perhaps a slight Mac bias…  ↩